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Patriarchal Order of the Church of Christ

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December 21, 2010


Now merged with Church of the Living Messiah



Samuel W. Shaffer
also known as Frederick Schafer
and Hans Woodman



Mark Lichtenwalter is the King of the Kingdom

and Samuel Warren Shaffer is the Patriarch of the Church of the Living Messiah












Samuel's (Frederick's) email is



Mark Lichtenwalter's email is




Samuel Shaffer



The Book of Mormon

The Doctrine and Covenants

The Pearl of Great Price

The Bible

Revelations of Mark Lichtenwalter

Revelations of Samuel Warren Shaffer

The Latter Writing of Joseph

The Book of Ibleas

The Book of Ponael
The Book of Lehi

The Book of Joseph the son of Lehi

The Writings of Joseph and the Book of Ephraim

Revelations of Jacob Syfritt

The Book of Adamnan

Plates of Dagawen

The Lost Journal
The Book of Aminadi
The Book of Arieah

Second Book of Moroni
Writings of Moroni

Book of the Magi

The Book of Zalmoxis
The Book of Paylay
The Book of Joseph
Voree Plates
The Priceless Gems

TD compilation


There are also more which are not published here.


We also have scriptures which I accept as Myth, but which are either based on true events or teach truth, such as:


Voyage of the Titans



Voice of Zion

There are also audio recording of meetings with Samuel (Frederick) on that website.


Membership in the Church:
About 20 members at this time.

Membership in the Kingdom Organization:

About 54 members at this time.

Church Organizations affiliated with Shaffer's Kingdom:
(If you have taken Shaffer's Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood and created a Church contact Shaffer to be added to the list.  Shaffer is also inviting all those who took the Oath and Covenant to now come help him and Mark set everything in Order in the Church of the Living Messiah.) 

The Church of Jesus Christ, and the Church of the Living Messiah (Samuel Shaffer's and Mark Lichtenwalter's Church)

Self-Restoration Ministries (Uganda)
African Saint's Church of Mormonism
Church of Dilok Chorum
Christ's Saints in Samsara
Firstborn Saints in the Fullness of Times
Coven of the Magi

Independents for the Oath and Covenant


The Patriarchal Order of the Church of Christ and the Church of the Diamond, were Shaffer's old Church organizations.


Separated From:
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Kingdom of God, Inc.
As well as the Church of the Pearl.
These are the groups that Samuel went though before establishing his own group and joining with Mark Lichtenwalter.



  • Shaffer's arm of this group emerged from a split within the Kingdom of God, Inc., although not all members were formerly affiliated with that group. Disagreements amongst the group's leadership led to several members of the Kingdom of God, Inc. following Shaffer out of the group. The group states that they no longer carry on in the progression of thought from that organization.  Lichtenwalter's arm of the group arose from a split in the following of Art Bulla.
  • Shaffer claims to have been visited by John the Beloved and others.  He also believes that a great work is coming forth that will include the work of many Prophets.  Shaffer has also been Ordained as the Patriarch of the Church by Mark Lichtenwalter, who received that authority from a visitation with the Father and the Son. 
  • Have established a Kingdom organization called "The Kingdom of God and His Law, with the Keys and Power thereof, and judgement in the hands of his servants, Ahman Christ."  Declaration of the Kingdom, see also The Setting In Order Proclamation, wherein it is declared that Mark Lichtenwalter is the King of the Kingdom.
  • Shaffer also introduced the concept of self-Restoration and gives instructions about an Oath and Covenant as well as other ordinances one can perform to start their own Priesthood group (see here, or here, for explanatory documents).



  • Shaffer, Samuel W. "Update on the Progress of the Patriarchal Order of the Church of Christ." Email to the author. 10/1/2014.  As well as an edit by Samuel Warren Shaffer on 10/25/2015.



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