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Serenemoon, Ayla

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http://newagemormonpagans.wetpaint.com (she is site administrator)






  • Identifies herself as a "Mormon Green Witch, Gnostic Mormon Wiccan, Deep Mormon, Reform Mormon, Joseph Smith Mormon, Early Mormon, Folk Magick Mormon, Universalist- culturally practicing Mormon-Witch, Shamanic Mormon" (source).
  • Believes women should have the priesthood and homosexuals should be allowed to marry.
  • Believes both Joseph Smith, Jr. and Emma Smith to be prophets.
  • Maintains that the Bible and Book of Mormon are metaphorical.
  • The "recording and keeping of the [Book of Mormon] plates was most likely done by a fairy or nature spirit" (source).
  • Claims her "witchy-pagan beliefs" are consistent with Joseph Smith, Jr.'s interest and teachings in ritual and magic.

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