Kingdom of God, Inc


1989 (registered business date)



Leland F. Freeborn







111 East 100 North, Box 665

Parowan, Utah 84761



Bible (KJV)

Book of Mormon

Doctrine and Covenants

Pearl of Great Price

Revelations of Leland F. Freeborn

Priceless Gems



About 5 members at this time.



Patriarchal Order of the Church of Christ



Some of the basic beliefs of the Kingdom of God, Inc.:


That Plural Marriage and the United Order constitutes what is called the fullness of the Gospel, and is necessary to bring about the millennial reign of Christ.


That the first man Adam and his wives are our Heavenly Parents, that they ascended into heaven after returning to an Edanic State, and that Adam is the literal Father of Jesus Christ. 

That the House of Israel are made up of white Europeans who came over the Caucasus mountains from Assyria, and that race mixing is a crime next to the shedding of innocent blood.


That the Gathering is an important commandment pertaining to temporal and spiritual salvation, which includes being prepared and having a shelter.


That the Law of Consecration and the Holy Order of the Ancients or Patriarchal Order is the Order lived among the Gods, and that obedience to the same qualifies men and women for the Highest Degree of the Celestial Kingdom. (Shaffer)