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Church of Jesus Christ (Cutlerite)

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  • Initially separated from LDS Church in 1851 after Cutler's excommunication
  • Officially founded September 19, 1853



Alpheus Cutler


Other Leaders:

Chauncey Whiting (1864-1902)

Isaac Whiting (1902-1922)

Emery Fletcher (1922-1953)

Erle Whiting (1955-1958)

Rupert Fletcher (1958-1974)

Julian Whiting (1975 - ?)


Stanley Whiting (2009 - 2011)

Vernon Whiting (2011 - )


Alternate Names:




http://cutlerite.org (church homepage - placeholder site)

Archived site



807 South Cottage Street

Independence, Missouri 64050



  • About 500 as of 1859, gradual decline in membership since this time.
  • By 1966 there were 23 members, 17 in Independence, MO & 6 in Clitherall, MN (Young, p. 90).  It is reported to have declined further since this time.



  • 1 (Independence, Missouri)
  • Group also has some property and a vacant meeting house in Clitherall, Minnesota.







     After Joseph Smith, Jr.'s death, Alpheus Cutler initially followed Brigham Young & the Quorum of Twelve and moved westward with the church to Winter Quarters. Cutler soon began to believe; however, that the Twelve were assuming unauthorized authority. In particular, Cutler (and others, such as Lyman Wight, George Miller, & James Emmett) believed the Council of Fifty should have more control over the direction of the church.


     The group was initially comprised of the members of the Silver Creek, Iowa branch of the LDS Church. Cutler was president of this branch, and most of the branch membership sided with Cutler after he was excommunicated from the church in 1851.  Cutler's new church was officially established in 1853 after Alpheus Cutler said he saw two half moons with their backs together in the sky. Cutler claimed that Joseph Smith told him to wait for this sign before re-establishing the church (Fletcher, p. 47).


     Cutlerites assert that Joseph Smith's church was rejected by God (they point to D&C 124:31-32 for evidence), and that due to Cutler's membership in the secret "Quorum of Seven," Cutler had authority to reorganize the rejected church. Due to the fact that Cutler was, at this time, the only member of the supposed Quorum of Seven who had not died or apostatized, Cutlerites regard Alpheus as the only man with the authority to succeed Joseph Smith.


     The group re-locating to Manti, Iowa in 1853 and then moved to Clitherall, Minnesota after the death of Alpheus Cutler. In 1928, the group decided to return to Zion, and established their current headquarters in Independence, Missouri.


     Beliefs of the group include the Order of Enoch (all things in common), a godhead of 3 separate personages, 3 degrees of heavenly glory, baptism for the dead, endowments, and other temple ordinances. Temple ordinances are practiced on the second level of the Independence meetinghouse, which is closed to the public. The group rejects tithing, missionary work, polygamy, and eternal marriage.





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