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Children of Thunder

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1999 or 2000



Glenn Taylor Helzer



  • Helzer believed he was chosen to lead the LDS Church and planned to train Brazilian orphans (Helzer served an LDS mission in Brazil) to kill the leaders of the LDS Church in order to usher in Helzer's reign as prophet.
  • Helzer used self-help training courses to initiate his members or sway potential converts. His program was centered around the 12 Principles of Magic: 1. I am already perfect and therefore can do nothing wrong. 2. There is no such thing as right and wrong. 3. I am all-powerful and therefore the creator of and accountable for, everything that occurs in my life. 4. Life is always right, I embrace all of my results. 5. All of my results I have created, to learn from, at some level. 6. I know nothing; I believe nothing; I simply perceive without fear. 7. It is of no concern to me how accurate, or inaccurate, my perceptions are, and therefore I am always right. 8. Unconditional fearless love is the most powerful force in the universe. 9. Spirit knows. 10. I gain total control by losing all control. 11. Life is such a precious gift. And when I give back to life, immediately life gives more back to me, and therefore I am forever in it debt. What goes around comes around. 12. There is a higher power than mine, and that is my Savior, Jesus Christ, the son of my Father. (False Prophet, p. 85-86)


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